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In the rainy months of September when the tides were at its highest, the final assembly of the RORO bridge in Dahej, Gujrat was nearing its deadline. Having the Hon. Prime minister Shree Narendra Modi ji amongst the many attendees ensured there was immense pressure to complete this project before its deadline. Sealinkers Pvt Ltd was awarded the contract for the lifts for the final parts assembly of the RORO bridge weighing from 500 to 875 tons. Wire ropes slings with diameters upto 127mm (5") were manufactured, tested and shackles of capacities upto 300Tons were supplied in a matter of days thus carrying out another successful prestigious heavy lift.



Sealinkers Pvt ltd was awarded the contract for the supply of Shackles, Wire ropes slings and turnbuckles for the final lift and installation of the 350Tons dome of the Nuclear Power plant in Kakrapar, Gujrat. After rigorous inspections and load tests witnessed by some of India's experts in the field of nuclear  power construction 

, the material was manufactured and supplied in record time with no disruptions what so ever. The lift was carried out successfully thus making it one of the most prestigious lifts in India, Engraving this as another milestone for Sealinkers Pvt Ltd.


Windmill lift

As the focus on energy shifts to renewable sources, Wind Energy has become a very important growing market. Sealinkers Pvt Ltd, a pioneer in the market, has through R&D developed a range of products specialised for Windmills and Windmill Turbine Lifting.
Sealinkers Pvt Ltd was awarded the contract for a 380 Tons windmill turbine lift, providing spreader beams, shackles and wire rope slings. The lift was a complete success.